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Technical Training


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If you are studying for the Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Light Current) you can apply for Learner ship Training on this page.

Our training partners include SABC, MNET, Muiltichoice, CNBC Africa, Telemedia and Dimension TV.


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1. To receive the best learner ship Training in South Africa.

2. A monthly allowance.

3. A very good possibility of a permanent position after training, bound by a work-back obligation (+-24 months).

4. A chance to become part of the ever growing electronic industry and play an active role in the growth thereof.


Prerequisites to apply, the following conditions must be met:

1. You must be currently busy with B-tech or S4 Electronic (not Computer Systems) Engineering Diploma.

2. To be accepted for training you have to have all your subjects completed before commencing with your    training.

3. South African citizen (only applicable for South African sponsors).

4. S3 applicants will only be processed for possible S4 bursaries.

5. Keen interest in technology.

6. Prepared to work anywhere in South Africa, and to work shifts and over weekends.

7. A working email account.

8. Check your email every day.

We will...

Be accepting applications from students from all Universities of Technology through this website only.  After evaluation of all the applications, we will inform the successful applicants by email where the interviews will take place.  We could travel to Durban, PE and Cape Town. Please indicate on your application where it will be most convenient for you to attend the interview. If we do not communicate a date with you within 6 months it means you have not been selected.  All interviews from Universities in Gauteng and Free State will be conducted at NKOKA in Centurion.

The successful students will start their training in January, subject to client requirements.



Please bring the following with for the interviews....

  • CV and printout of your confirmation email that includes your interview number. This email will be sent to you after the successfully completion of the application process. Without this printout you will not be allowed to enter the room or interview.
  • ID (identification document)
  • Full academic report + latest results (latest exam results included)
  • The APPLICATION form on this site must be completed and submitted. If this is not done, you will not be eligible for selection to the interviews. You can verify your submission by revisiting this part of the website. Use your ID number as pass code.
  • Please take note that these Internet applications can sometimes take up to three days to reach us, so please do not wait until the last minute before you submit your application.



We will evaluate all the applications and select up to 30 candidates per venue. These candidates will be invited per email to specific venues. Be there on time at the specified venue and we will assist you with the procedure from there on.  If the venue is not specified by us, please enquire at you relevant Co-operation Education Department.

During the recruitment process we will give a presentation about the sponsors. Any questions forthcoming will be answered.  A competency and theoretical test will be written. All successful students will be invented a personal interview. Each student will undergo two interviews. Depending on the requirements of our clients further interview and psychometric assessments. Approximately a month later, the selected students will be notified via the Internet.

Our Recruitment Model for experiantial learning.

Our application system is open the whole of the year. All students at the various Universities of Technology across the country who are studying towards a National Diploma: Electrical Engineering (Light Current) who are busy with their last year (S3 S4 level) are invited to apply. Send your applications to P1P2(a)

NKOKA will receive and process all the applications. A visit is then made to all the Universities of Technology in the far outlying areas such as Durban University of Technology, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Central University of Technology and, on occasion Cape Peninsula University of Technology to conduct selection tests. All the students who have applied from the “local” Universities of Technology such as Tshwane, Johannesburg and Vaal visit NKOKA Training for their selection tests.

Battery of Selection Tests 

We use the following batteries of Selection tools to select the best students for training:

  • Electronics Test (Students must obtain a mark of at least 50% in this test)
  • Situation Specific Evaluation Expert (SPEEX). This test is used to measure potential
  • Psychological Disk administered by a registered Psychologist. This assessment is used, and I hope you will pardon me for using this pun, to check that their heads are screwed the right places
  • Panel interview. This tool is used to assess the passion which the students have vor their chosen careers. Our clients are always invited to participate to bring specific industry cultures into the process