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IPC - A- 600

IPC-A-600 Acceptability of Printed Boards Training and Certification helps all segments of the electronics interconnection industry to improve their understanding of printed board quality issues and greatly enhances communication between PCB manufacturers, their suppliers and their customers and provides a valuable portable credential to industry professionals as well as recognition for their companies. IPC-A-600 provides a useful tool for understanding and interpreting Automated Inspection Technology (AIT) results. AIT may be applicable to the evaluation of many of the dimensional characteristics illustrated in this document.

Why earn IPC-A-600 certification?

For those interested in company quality assurance initiatives have an industry developed and approved, IPC sponsored program to support their commitment to continuous operations and product improvement. If you have an IPC recognition it will send a strong message to customers that your company is serious about implementing IPC-A-600.


IPC-A-600 application specialist training consists of 4 modules:

  • Module 1 :  Introduction (Mandatory)
  • Module 2 :  External Observable
  • Module 3 :  Internal Observable
  • Module 4 :  Flexible and Rigid-Flex Printed Wiring

Who should attend IPC-A-600 Application Specialist training?

This course is targeted at Printed Board Manufacturers, Electronic Assembly Companies, OEMs and Material/Equipment Suppliers and anyone responsible for the quality of Printed Boards.

How long is the duration of the Course?

The duration of the course is 5 days.

How the IPC-A-600 Certification Program works.

  • Each Application Specialist training attendee will be provided with student training material, for the use during the training class.
  • IPC Trainer will show slide shows on the specific modules and discuss in detail the specification.
  • After each Module a written open book examination will follow.
  • You will have a question, which will consist of 4 possible answers. The student must choose the correct one.
  • Each participant that writes the exams must have 70% for each Module to pass.
  • Module 1 Open book and Closed book is mandatory and must be successfully completed before an individual can be certified in any of the other Modules 3 – 4.
  • Individuals who fail any written exam will be afforded one opportunity to re-assess after a study period, not less than 24 hours.
  • Candidates who pass the exams will receive an IPC Certificate of Proficiency, indicating the areas of the IPC-A-600 that were successfully completed.

Certification is only valid for 2 years and then a re-certification exam must be written before expiry date. (Same course material will be used).

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